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Puch Division 28 January 1967 Basic Service Manual

SKU: division28-basic-service-manual-source810-january1967

Puch Division 28 January 1967 Basic Service Manual

This manual is compatible with models:
810.89510 Sears Sabre Puch
810.895101 Sears Sabre Puch
810.89511 Sears Sabre Puch
810.895111 Sears Sabre Puch
810.89512 Sears Sabre Puch
810.895121 Sears Sabre Puch
810.89513 Sears Sabre Puch
810.895131 Sears Sabre Puch
810.89514 Sears Sabre Puch
810.895141 Sears Sabre Puch
810.89515 Sears Sabre Puch
810.895151 Sears Sabre Puch
810.89528 Sears Cheyenne Puch
810.89571 Sears SR250 Puch
810.89572 Sears SR250 Puch
810.94040 Allstate Mo-Ped Puch
810.94049 Allstate Mo-Ped Puch
810.94090 Sears Campus Puch
810.94099 Sears Campus Puch
810.94211 Sears SR175 Puch
810.94222 Sears SR250 Puch
810.94390 Allstate Compact DS Puch

This manual goes over repairs, specifications, wire diagrams and more.

This 200 page manual is a comb bound copy of the original with card stock front and back.

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