Here you will find a collection of notable parts and add-on accessories that could be found on various Sears Allstate motorcycles, mopeds, and scooters.

Puch Tool Kit 357.

Sears Sabre Puch Tool Kit
Part: 357.

Puch plate 331.

Sears Sabre Puch plate
Part: 331.

Puch Tool Kit 366.

Sears Sabre Puch Tool Kit
Part: 366.

Gilera Tool Kit 64118

Sears 106SS Gilera Tool Kit
Part: 64118

Sears Inner Tube 900.0861

Allstate Mo-Ped Sears Inner Tube
Part: 900.0861

Aprilia Taillight 64318

Sears 106SS Aprilia Taillight
Part: 64318

Puch Taillight

Sears Puch 175 and 250 Puch Taillight

Puch Taillight 364.2.55.815.2

Allstate Compact Puch Taillight
Part: 364.2.55.815.2

Puch Taillight 364.1.55.815.2

Allstate Compact Puch Taillight
Part: 364.1.55.815.2

Puch Taillight 368.

Allstate Sport 60 Puch Taillight
Part: 368.

Puch Taillight 810.94191-base

Allstate 150 Puch Taillight
Part: 810.94191-base

Puch Taillight 302.

Allstate Mo-Ped Puch Taillight
Part: 302.

Puch Taillight 367.

Allstate Sabre Puch Taillight
Part: 367.

Hella Taillight 050.2.5500.0

Allstate Mo-Ped Hella Taillight
Part: 050.2.5500.0

Hella Taillight 050.4.5500.0

Allstate Hella Taillight
Part: 050.4.5500.0

Lucas Taillight l679

Allstate Lucas Taillight
Part: l679

Lucas Taillight l564

Allstate Lucas Taillight
Part: l564

CEV Taillight 127

Sears CEV Taillight
Part: 127

Stewart Warner Speedometer 28g9464

Allstate Crusaire Stewart Warner Speedometer
Accessory: 28g9464

Piaggio Saddle Bags 28g9458

Allstate Crusaire Piaggio Saddle Bags
Accessory: 28g9458

Piaggio Hand Grip 28g9459

Allstate Crusaire Piaggio Hand Grip
Accessory: 28g9459

Piaggio Buddy Seat 28g9485

Allstate Crusaire Piaggio Buddy Seat
Accessory: 28g9485

Piaggio Luggage Rack 28g09460l

Allstate Crusaire Piaggio Luggage Rack
Accessory: 28g09460l

Puch Seat 28f7534

Sears Allstate 175 and 250 Puch Seat
Accessory: 28f7534

Bates Seat 28f7521

Sears Allstate 175 and 250 Bates Seat
Accessory: 28f7521

Buco Saddle Bags 188274

Sears Allstate Compact Buco Saddle Bags
Accessory: 188274

Veglia Speedometer 28v9478

Allstate Crusaire Veglia Speedometer
Accessory: 28v9478

Buco Helmet 7521

Sears Buco Helmet
Accessory: 7521

Buco Helmet 7553

Sears Buco Helmet
Accessory: 7553

Buco Helmet 7534

Sears Buco Helmet
Accessory: 7534

Buco Helmet 7527

Allstate Buco Helmet
Accessory: 7527

Buco Helmet 7514

Sears Buco Helmet
Accessory: 7514

Buco Helmet 7503

Allstate Buco Helmet
Accessory: 7503

Buco Helmet 7504

Sears Buco Helmet
Accessory: 7504

Siem Stoplight Kit 28ht9465

Allstate Crusaire Siem Stoplight Kit
Accessory: 28ht9465

Siem Taillight 100772

Allstate Crusaire Siem Taillight
Part: 100772

Piaggio Spare Rack 28h9488

Allstate Crusaire Piaggio Spare Rack
Accessory: 28h9488

Piaggio Spare Rack 28g9484

Allstate Crusaire Piaggio Spare Rack
Accessory: 28g9484

Bachel Genova Horn 11635

Allstate Crusaire Bachel Genova Horn
Part: 11635

Piaggio Badge 17532

Allstate Crusaire Piaggio Badge
Part: 17532

Piaggio Badge 17020

Allstate Crusaire Piaggio Badge
Part: 17020

VDO Speedometer 170.5324

Sears Allstate 175 and 125 VDO Speedometer
Part: 170.5324

VDO Speedometer 250.5324.9

Sears Allstate 250 VDO Speedometer
Part: 250.5324.9