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Allstate Scooter Tire

Part: 95v6207c

Allstate Scooter Tire

This tire is compatible with models:
811.30 Allstate Cushman
811.40 Allstate Cushman
811.94260 Allstate Cushman
811.94261 Allstate Cushman
811.94262 Allstate Cushman
811.94263 Allstate Jetsweep Cushman
811.94300 Allstate Cushman
811.94301 Allstate Cushman
811.94350 Allstate Standard Cushman
811.94351 Allstate Standard Cushman

This used 4.00x8 Allstate Motor Scooter Tire came new on various Allstate Cushman models and was available as a replacement tire. This particular used tire came off an original Allstate Vespa 8 inch rim. This old tire would look great as a spare tire on an Allstate Vespa.

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