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Puch 175 and 250 6v Regulator

Part: 251.5007.2-251.2.5007.2

Puch 175 and 250 6v Regulator

Puch 175 and 250 6v Regulator

This regulator is compatible with models:
810.89571 Sears SR250 Puch
810.895711 Sears SR250 Puch
810.89572 Sears SR250 Puch
810.895721 Sears SR250 Puch
810.94170 Allstate De Luxe Puch
810.94171 Allstate De Luxe Puch
810.94180 Allstate 250 Puch
810.94181 Allstate 250 Puch
810.94182 Allstate 250 Puch
810.94210 Allstate De Luxe Puch
810.94211 Sears SR175 Puch
810.94220 Sears SR250 Puch
810.94221 Sears SR250 Puch
810.94222 Sears SR250 Puch

This solid state regulator is a direct replacement for the regulator (part numbers 251.5007.2 and 251.2.5007.2) found on DC generators found on the Puch 175 and 250 models. You will receive a regulator, wiring instructions, and three 90 degree insulated female spade terminals. Metal mounting brackets will need to be made/provided by you.

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