Puch Gas Cap

Puch Gas Cap

This gas cap is compatible with models:
810.895141 Sears Sabre Puch
810.895151 Sears Sabre Puch
810.89528 Sears Cheyenne Puch
810.89581 Sears SR125 Puch
810.94150 Allstate 125 Puch
810.94160 Allstate Standard Puch
810.94161 Allstate Standard Puch
810.94170 Allstate De Luxe Puch
810.94171 Allstate De Luxe Puch
810.94192 Allstate 150 Puch
810.94210 Allstate De Luxe Puch
810.94211 Sears SR175 Puch

Chrome looks great. Bottom bracket is solid so it will mount to your gas tank with no issues. There is some flaking metal rust that should be remove around the bottom bracket.

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