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Allstate Mo-Ped, Compact, Sport 60/Cheyenne Clutch Disc

Part: 050.1224.2

Allstate Mo-Ped, Compact, Sport 60/Cheyenne Clutch Disc

Allstate Mo-Ped, Compact, Sport 60/Cheyenne Clutch Disc

This clutch friction disc is compatible with models:
810.89520 Sears Cheyenne Puch
810.89529 Sears Cheyenne Puch
810.94000 Allstate Mo-Ped Puch
810.94001 Allstate Mo-Ped Puch
810.94010 Allstate Mo-Ped Puch
810.94011 Allstate Mo-Ped Puch
810.94018 Allstate Mo-Ped Puch
810.94019 Allstate Mo-Ped Puch
810.94020 Allstate Mo-Ped Puch
810.94030 Allstate Mo-Ped Puch
810.94038 Allstate Mo-Ped Puch
810.94040 Allstate Mo-Ped Puch
810.94050 Allstate Mo-Ped Puch
810.94060 Allstate Sport 60 Puch
810.94061 Allstate Sport 60 Puch
810.94068 Allstate Sport 60 Puch
810.94069 Allstate Sport 60 Puch
810.94070 Allstate Cheyenne Puch
810.94079 Allstate Cheyenne Puch
810.94250 Allstate Mo-Ped De Luxe Puch
810.94380 Allstate Compact DS Puch
810.94381 Allstate Compact DS Puch
810.94382 Allstate Compact DS Puch
810.94383 Allstate Compact DS Puch
810.94390 Allstate Compact DS Puch
810.94430 Sears Compact DS Puch

This is a NOS clutch disc purchased in 1964 from the Sears Roebuck, and Co. Parts department. Original receipt not included. Mo-Ped use 2. Compact and Sport 60/Cheyenne use 3. The part number is 050.1224.2.

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